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About 10:Verses

10:Verses is the product of my pandemic life.

In March 2020, I was told I wasn’t essential and I lost my job. It was more than just the loss of a paycheck. I lost my identity, my confidence, my sense of security, my purpose and my trust. I was suddenly adrift with no reason to get out of bed. It felt like I had lost everything. 

That was SO not true. I still had my super supportive friends and family. I still had my house and my cats. I had a strong desire to work and be productive. More importantly, I still had my faith, an imperfect faith, but a faith that was mine alone. Besides, wasn’t 2020 the year of redefining just about everything? I thank God for giving me the opportunity to redefine me.

MY plan was to do something completely different.

After 35 or so years as a graphic designer, I was burned out and had no desire to sit at the computer one day longer nudging fonts and images. It was time for a reset.

I tried factory work – props to factory workers. You are a special breed, I lasted two weeks, and only because I ate Tylenol for breakfast. I did a longer stint grocery shopping and delivery. It was bearable—only because my Kia Soul, Sylvia, is a Harmon Kardon stereo on four (hmm...sometimes two) wheels. However, I truly hate grocery shopping, even if someone pays me to do it. And during a pandemic, when you have to fight for toilet paper…fuhgettaboutit!

GOD had other plans.

I must admit, I’m liking His plan better than mine. I’m back at the computer, nudging fonts and images with a renewed mission. Of course, I have MY plan – use my talent to provide a loaf or fish and let God take it from there. Is this God’s Plan? I guess we’ll see. God knows where He will lead me in this endeavor.

Thank you all for your support.
Susan Severeid